If you’re reading this article, then for sure you want to get out of the singles club. Maybe you have zero dating experience, consequently limiting you on your knowledge about how to talk to girls. You basically don’t know where to start. Or maybe you are too eager to get a girlfriend that you are scaring all the girls away.

In this article, we will tell you why can’t get a girlfriend, where to get a girlfriend, and how to get a girlfriend step-by-step.

Trust us this works because all the points you find in this article are based on stories we’ve heard from men who had first-hand experiences. Countless men have scored girlfriends doing these steps. They were there in your shoes a few years ago—eagerly wanting to have a girlfriend yet couldn’t seem to get one and didn’t even know why.

So we’re going to share with you very specific steps to be 100% successful in landing the woman you want to commit to. Today is your first day of finally getting the girl.


Not trying enough

You can’t get a girlfriend. It’s not because you can’t find a woman or simply can’t get one to like you. Dude, there are reasons why—actual, quantifiable reasons. Here are some of them:

1. You are not trying enough

If you stay home all the time and don’t socialize, you really won’t get a girlfriend. You can’t expect to have one without doing the work. Maybe you’re too focused on your career that you don’t give time to look for one or to keep a relationship. Regardless, you are not trying enough, and that stops you even before you begin the search for a girlfriend.

2. You lack personality, rich experiences, and confidence

Appearance attracts, personality keeps. Even if you have stunning looks, if you are boring, it’s likely that you won’t get to keep the girl. Having no interesting story to share would not keep a woman on her toes, draining your last ounce of confidence. And confidence is very important for a man to have as it is linked to sex appeal. Sexual appeal is not really about being attractive. It’s is all about confidence—it is just amplified if you have good looks.

3. You don’t want to make the first move

Especially if you are average looking with an average personality, you have to be proactive in making the first move. More often than not, when women flirt, they won’t keep going if they see that the guy is too shy or nervous. It will send them the signal that you’re not into them; thus, they leave and move on. Most women would not give you several opportunities to flirt back, especially if you just met!

4. You are a pervert

Dude, didn’t your mom teach you how to behave? As with any other human being, women should be respected too and not be treated as if they were objects. Stop with the catcalling and the whistling; those are only for calling your pets. And most importantly, keep your hands to yourself when the situation does not call for it. Trust us, ever since the beginning of time, perverts never get the girl.

No social proof

5. You have no social proof

The social proof of a man increases attraction, awe, and pride. It is a turn off when a man has no friends. Chances are when you don’t have social proof; women would think “oh no, if I date this guy, he will be around me 24/7!” and no woman wants that.

It doesn’t mean that you have to be friends with the wealthy crowd or the cool kids. It merely means that you need to have friends.

6. You don’t know how to talk to a woman

Do you tend to say the wrong thing to a woman causing her to run off even before you even start flirting? Don’t talk to a woman as if she’s one of your bros, especially if you just met. She will take it the wrong way.

7. You are too needy

You need to understand that you should allow a woman to have her personal time and space. Clinginess is a major turn-off. You should still have a life outside a relationship, as women would like to have the same.

8. You don’t care for yourself

Grooming and proper hygiene are very important to have if you are trying to get a woman to pay attention to you. Nobody likes to go out on a date with a smelly slob! Get a haircut, groom your beard, wear deodorant, brush your teeth. It’s a basic requirement that you actually do this even if you’re not looking for a girlfriend.

No picture of love

9. You don’t really have a real picture of love and a female soulmate in your head

If you don’t understand what a healthy working relationship is, it’s nearly impossible for you to have a girlfriend just yet. Maybe you’re still stuck in your teenage years where you don’t like working for something, or you always want to get your way.

Perhaps you’re still prideful, or you still have the notion that it’s always you who should call the shots.

Wake up, boy! A healthy relationship is a two-way street.

10. You don’t see women as human beings

Now you might be afraid of approaching a woman because you fear you don’t understand them. You don’t know what to talk about women or how to behave in their presence. So instead, you make silly jokes with your buddies. Well, let me tell you something, buddy, that just shows your insecurity and will get you nowhere.

Women are not aliens. They are living, breathing, thinking humans beings just like you. Believe it or not, they will understand whatever that comes from your mouth. Let’s just hope it’s appropriate enough that you won’t get slapped on the face.

11. You have zero dating experience

Having zero dating experience can be quite a roadblock. It’s because you don’t know of dating rules, and you don’t even know where to start. Don’t worry; this article will change that.

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